Blackjack - Beginner tips

While browsing through poker forums I always find a few "I'm going to my first live game, what should I do?" posts. From personal experiance I know that the same generally goes for going to a casino for the first time for pretty much anyone. People who have never been and never played any game always have many tehnical questions that most people who have already been find dumb. Don't worry, I got you covered! Here are some tehnical basics you should know.

How do i get started?

Easy. This isn't poker, so you don't have to sign up for a wait or anything. Just find an empty seat at a blackjack table of your choice and tell the dealer you would like to play. Make sure however that you check the table minimum and maximum as not to sit at a high roller table with 50$ in your pocket.

Where do I get chips?

You can generally get chips at the cage, but why bother... just sit down, give the dealer the money and either he or the floor will bring you your chips.

What should I do?

Make sure you don't stall the game, at least not too much. People might be losing and want to play and not wait for you. No sense pissing someone off for being slow. Also make sure you make hand gestures for each move you make. So tap the table, if you want to hit, or wave your hand sideways, if you want to stand. Try to always announce everything verbally as well to avoid mistakes.

Any etiquette for leaving?

Nope. Again, this is not poker, you are playing against the house and the dealer doesn't care if you are winning or losing, so you can leave anytime.


You don't really need to tip the dealers at blackjack, but you should anyway, if you catch a winning streak.

How do I cash out?

You won't get cashed out at the table, so pack up your chips and head twords the cage. In case you can't carry all your chips, just ask the dealer for a rack or if he could exchange your low denomination chips for bigger denomination ones.